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Thorsten Wonneberger

Thorsten Wonneberger
Beginning as a maintenance mechanic I specialised in technological equipment and progressed to become master for production-technique.

Altogether I have over 30 years of professional experience. Of which over 11 years were as a service technician for saw blade grinding machines at the company August Heinrich Schmidt GmbH & Co KG (Stuttgart/Germany), one of leading manufacturers in this field. While there I acquired extensive knowledge in mechanics, electrics, electronics, control and robotics and quality control. Along with international assignments Europewide and overseas I also attended many international trade fairs.

Over the years the idea to establish my own company has grown stronger. Only in this way is it possible for me to offer qualified service and innovative solutions directly to the customers' needs and requirements in a flexible way. As I own a small company I can offer a more personal service and with overheads so low I can give very competitive rates. All of these advantages contribute to the benefit of the customer.

I am at your service and ready to be put to the test.

W o n n e b e r g e r, Thorsten